Sunday, August 17, 2008

Getting Settled

We've been in Helena together for 9 days now. We sure received a lot of help this past summer ... it was a difficult one for us, but the help we received from friends in Corpus Christi and from family in Idaho and Utah made it possible. Turns out that it was a fun summer for the kids! They did all kinds of stuff, and we were able to have a brief visit in July. We also received tons of help from family moving into our new house. So, a big thank-you to everyone! For those who haven't been to Helena, the city sits up against the mountains on the southern end of the valley. Mount Helena City Park is on the southwest corner of the city, and it has a bunch of hiking trails. (It is in the background of the photo.) We climbed it this past Saturday morning, to the top - almost. (We made it to "Hell's Kitchen" - next time we'll try to climb further.) Our house is just north of the city limits, about 4 miles from Carroll College where Alan will work. This coming week we'll continue getting settled and getting ready for the beginning of school. We hope everyone in Corpus Christi, Utah and Idaho is doing well. We hope to keep in touch!