Sunday, March 8, 2009


One of the traditions I have come to love since we started this blog is stating what we love about that person according to their age. This one was a little harder given we had to come up with 38!!! (No Offense Alan...)

So here we go and these are in no particular order...WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT ALAN:

1. He has always put his family first.
2. He helps with the housework.
3. He loves to serve and help others.
4. He is a great poet and has written me some beautiful poetry over the years.
5. He is a big kid at heart.
6. He is older than me. :)
7. He is a very hard worker and I have never seen him give less than 110% in anything he does.
8. He loves the Lord.
9. He loves his mom and mother-in-law.
10. He loves the arts.
11. He loves coaching his kids sports teams.
12. He likes watching the movie Pride and Prejudice with me.
13. He has a secret nickname that he goes by at home.
14. He makes homemade french fries.
15. He is a spiritual giant.
16. He is optimistic and does not worry about things he cannot change.
17. He is a fabulous teacher!
18. He cares for and loves his kids dearly.
19. He loves me unconditionally.
20. He tells funny jokes.
21. He read me a story at bedtime every night. (ABI)
22. He makes me heart-shaped PB&J sandwiches. (ABI)
23. He plays lots of games with me. (ABI)
24. He takes us sledding. (DALE)
25. He is honest. (DALE)
26. He has awesome relatives. (DALE)
27. He lets us join games and leagues. (DALE)
28. He helps us with our homework and gets our grades back on track. (DALE)
29. He's smart. (DALE)
30. He comforts me at night if I get scared. (DALE)
31. He knows a a LOT about baseball and shares it with me (Mom thinks he knows too much!!) (DALE)
32. He coaches me a lot. (GRACE)
33. He takes me golfing and skiing. (GRACE)
34. He cares about me. (GRACE)
35. He gives me blessings when I need them. (GRACE)
36. He likes to be around us. (GRACE)
37. He feels bad when I cry. (GRACE)
38. He lets me have fun birthday parties. (GRACE)

This was not as hard as we thought it would be, we could have gone on and on. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father. We hope you have a nice birthday. Love, Your Family