Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween.....

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!! We have two giant bowls of candy sitting on the fridge. I will be trying to ignore them!!

Dale, Gracie, and Abi carving their pumpkins.

Abi as my cute little 'witch' with her dog, Babe.

My two little 'witches' at Grace's school party.

Trying to pretend they are witches.

Dale is a 'rapper', but can you guess what Alan is? Hint: He is what Dale is (a wrapper)! What a creative man I am married to!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


We are very blessed to have Gracie in our family. She is nine today! We want her to always know that we LOVE her and we are very proud of her!

11 Things We Love About Gracie:

1. She loves to go shopping with her mom (even grocery shopping!).
2. That she still likes her dad to eat lunch with her at her school.
3. She loves the piano.
4. She always tries to do the right thing.
5. She and her friend have a dog-walking service.
6. She is a good friend.
7. She is a good sister.
8. She has a sweet smile.
9. She loves to read.
10. She loves her dog.
11. She loves her mom and dad and we LOVE HER!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tagged by Marica Mickelson...

My friend Marcia Mickelson tagged me. Here's what to do:

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Answer the six "8" items.
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8 Favorite TV Shows
The Office
Grey's Anatomy
American Idol
Desperate Housewives
The Today Show

8 Things I did yesterday
Got the kids off to school
Talk to my mom on the phone
Exercised on a treadmill
Took Abi to the Carousel for a ride
Took the kids to piano lessons
Made a casserole for dinner
Took Dale and Grace to Achievements and scouts
Put everybody to bed

8 Things I look forward to
Spending time together with my family
Thanksgiving vacation
Seeing my sister-in-law's twin boys
Teaching the kids to snow ski
Getting some furniture for my living room
Abi start preschool or something
The movie Twilight

8 Favorite Restaurants
Olive Garden
Joe's Crab Shack
Costco (hot dog and drink for only a $1.50, baby)

8 Things on my wish list
Couch and love seat
New Wardrobe
Take my kids to Disneyland
Trip to Hawaii
Wall Decorations
Patio Furniture
Playset for the kids in the backyard

Tag 8 People
Holly Duenas
Kim Champion
Patty Smith
Dantzel Piercy
Jocelyn Pond
Melissa Larson
Kathryn Smith

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our family is getting bigger....

Ahhh....made you look didn't I?! How many of you thought I was pregnant?

I mean our extended family is getting bigger. My dear sweet sister-in-law just had twin boys. They came a bit early, but everyone is doing well. We are so happy for her and her little (well not so little anymore) family.

We can't wait to see them when we come down for Thanksgiving!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm Back...

It has been too long since my last entry. Here is what we have been doing the last few weeks. As you read our various activities notice our crazy weather pattern. I am kind of missing wearing my flip flops everyday!

Saturday, September 27th was Homecoming at Carroll College. As part of the festivities was a mattress race. The faculty was one of the groups. Dale was on the mattress and they had to carry him from one end of the football field to the other. Alan is the one in the yellow shirt with his hand in the air. Notice the head-start they had. It turned out that the head-start didn't matter, but they both had a lot of fun participating.

A week later, Saturday, October 6th we were running to the store to buy snow bibs and gloves so we could play in the snow.

Even our dog, 'Babe' was trying to stay warm. He would run outside, pee, and then come lay by the fire. It was quite funny to watch.

Friday, October 17th Dale and Gracie playing golf with dad while breaking in their new clubs. Thanks grandma and grandpa! NOTE: We are back to sun and short sleeve shirts!

And finally today, Abi is having fun playing at the fall festival!