Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Fun!

We went to Lagoon with family a couple of weeks ago and had a wonderful time! This is a video clip of Gracie riding the Sky Coaster with her Aunt Kristi and cousin Jay. I can't believe she did it as I thought she took after her mother and I would never try it. Anyway, we were very proud of her and she loved it and would do it again. I must note that her cousin, Jay, is only 5 years old and he loved it as well. He was singing the Superman theme song on the way down and if you watch closely you will see him waiving. What a cute little dare devil!! Thank-you Kristi for taking her.


Shawn said...

Hey we were in SLC on the 11-12th! We better not have been there at the same time without seeing you!

Smith Family said...

Nicole, I think we were close but missed you by a day or too! :) I'm feeling much better - just the tiredness now, but the nausea is all gone and I am so thankful. Any day now I should be feeling my 2nd trimester energy kick in and I can't wait!!

Ericka Johnson said...

Oh my--that looks terrifying! Gracie is one brave soul, no way would I ever do that! How are you guys? I'm so glad you are still posting. I love reading your blog! Take care.