Monday, August 9, 2010

Father Son Baseball Trip...

Alan and Dale love baseball. In case you didn't read that first statement let me retype it...Alan and Dale LOVE BASEBALL!!! THEY ARE BASEBALL FANATICS! If they are not playing it then they are watching it, if they are not watching it they are listening to it on the radio and sometimes they are doing all three at the same time. They seriously can't get enough of it. It is a very neat bond that they have.

For Dale's birthday, which was in May, we bought him tickets to the Boston Red Sox game (his favorite team) in Seattle. He was also able to invite two friends from school. So in a 24-hour period Alan, Dale, Dale's two friends from school and Alan's friend plus his son drove 10 hours, toured Seattle on a bus for 2 hours before the game, shopped in the baseball store, watch the Red Sox beat the Mariners in a 13 inning game and then drive 2 hours to their hotel, and the next morning drive the rest of the way home. Sound crazy? They had a blast! Dale is hoping he gets that present again next year.

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Smith Family said...

What a terrific birthday present!! Gives me some good ideas...thanks!