Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Abi is four today. We can't believe how fast the time flies by. If feels like just yesterday that Nicole was in the hospital all day waiting for her to come. She was induced and she didn't come until around 6 in the evening. We remember her birth being a little scary because when she finally came the cord was wrapped tightly around her neck and she wasn't breathing. The doctor was very calm but moved quickly to cut the cord and then it took Abi a few seconds before she started to breathe. We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for letting her come to us. She is such an independent spirit with loads of personality. WE LOVE YOU AB-I-DOO!


Abi's first birthday was spent getting smothered in cake while on exile in San Antonio, running from Hurricane Rita. Thanks to the Mickelson's for taking us in and hosting a birthday party!


For Abi's second, we had a quiet birthday party at home.


For Abi's third, we had, umm, another quiet birthday party at home.


Not so quiet for Abi's fourth, with family and a pinata!


Pondfamily said...

Happy Birthday Abi!!! I cant believe you are four. I hope you have a wonderful Day. I am so glad you are able to be by family to celebrate this wonderful day. You really are a sweet little girl.

Ericka Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Abi! The pictures are darling and we always have "quiet" birthdays for our kids too!

hoLLy said...

happy birthday to your adorable little abi! i can't believe she is 4 already!

Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

Hi Nicole!
I am so glad I found your cute blog. It looks like you are doing great. Happy b-day to Abi!
I am going to link you on our blog so we can stay in touch!
take care-

Tynel said...

She's so sweet! I love the birthday pictures from each year. The first year cake bath is my favorite!

Patty said...

She sure has grown! Happy Birthday Abi!! Check out my latest blog post. I gave you an award.

Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Abi- We sure do miss you:) I love the first birthday picture.

Quintanilla Crew said...

Dear Abi, Happy Birthday. We have been trying to send you a message for 3 days but it seems even with a PhD I am not smart enough to figure out how to post a comment. So I will try again.
We miss you very much and we hope you had a wonderful birthday. Logan says "Happy Birthday Abi. I can't imagine that you are four. We are almost the same age now."